The high-performance lift-slide hardware system

Fold and slide hardware

PSK plus
Tilt-slide hardware system

Efficient and trendsetting – these are the attributes that best describe TITAN fittings. The innovative hardware system convinces with its perfect appearance, high functionality and fully developed comfort. The TITAN’s ‘Comfort’ mushroom cam manifests the fact that huge progress can be made on a small scale.

Due to the innovative solutions used in this fitting TITAN AF positively surprises in terms of functionality, safety and comfort. Thus, in particular:

It allows smooth and eff ortless opening, ti lti ng and closing the windows.
Automatic alignment for changing conditions of the weather, for example temperature fluctuations.
Guarantees a durable locking system that is optimally adjusted at all times.
Ensures individual adaptation to tolerance.

New‚ „plastic – steel’’ frame elements, together with a mishandling device, have been used in the TITAN AF fittings to maximize comfort.